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Construction is one of the most popular activities. Constant development of the new territories and the conquer of new heights of multi-storied building does not stop for a minute, only occasionally changing the pace depending on the economic situation on the market. Over the time the architecture concept as a whole has changed, now it is inseparable from the concept of design. A new vision of the processes and the final result came into the architecture and construction along with design. Buildings and facilities, residential areas and business centers, shopping centers and infrastructure are no longer can be created without the use of new construction and finishing materials and technologies. The ever-growing competition in the construction industry needs a solution to a large number of problems connected to the calculations, production and installation of building structures, as well as many decorative elements that have become an integral part of the external and internal appearance of the modern architectural buildings. The key factors in the industry success are the quality, speed, cost, and independence in the production and installation works of structures and interior elements, which automatically reduces the list of companies able to meet the strict requirements of today's market.

Over the years Prachtig Construction has been a reliable partner of construction companies, carrying out the works on the design, production and installation of structural and decorative elements in time. Our experience, our own fleet of equipment and qualified personnel are always focused on the success of our customers and partners.