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What is an industrial design? This term can combine the set of sequential processes, the mutual result of which is the material embodiment of the earlier formed idea. In other words, the industrial design is a process of turning ideas into a finished product. Unlike the conventional design concepts the industrial design is not limited to the visualization of the planned product. The industrial design goes far beyond the sketches, drawings and exterior design, it also covers the stages of conception, design, manufacture and testing of the first samples of the product for the compliance with the specifications and technical requirements, the development of a full package of technical documentation needed to start the quantity or mass production, as well as, when needed, the certification of the finished product.

In the light of ever-increasing competition in the field of reselling the identical goods, the only true commercial solution is the launch to the market fundamentally new products and their modifications. The most far-sighted representatives of the business community have already chosen this path for the development of their companies and are already feeling the positive effects of the decision.

The product launch with no analogues is low or non-competitive environment, free pricing and increased profitability of a company, all of which significantly increases the profitability and efficiency of its business processes. Choosing a reliable partner for the launch of a new product is the foundation and the first confident step to the new business opportunities.

Prachtig Construction is a company with tens of implemented projects in the industrial design, which became the basis for the growth of our partners and customers. Own production facilities and a fleet of machine tool equipment allow continuing the cooperation after the stage of the industrial design and proceed to the step quantity and mass production of the developed products. Prachtig Construction is a reliable guide on the way from the idea to the production of the finished product.