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Prachtig is a word, which means in German "magnificent". When we founded the company in 2007, we definitely decided to be the best at what we do. We often have evolved in the harsh conditions of the Russian market, but we had used all of its features, to prepare our "answer" to its problems and needs.

We deviated from the principle common to the majority of the Russian companies, that the low product price is a key and almost unique competitive advantage. Profound quality, meeting the deadlines, comfortable project communication, financial stability, these are the main qualities that allow us to keep the leading position today in the market and build long-term, trust-based relationships with customers and partners. We have our own production facilities, material and technical foundation.

Over the years we selected a set of equipment, which is ideally suited to meet the challenges in our field. We only work with the new equipment, which makes it possible not only to fulfil the most complex tasks in the field of architectural solutions, but also to diversify the production processes for specific projects.

Achieving great results is impossible without the skilled team. We appreciate the competence of our staff and their development along the company’s structure. Thanks to the well-functioning internal university we work with professionals, who meet the company values and, thus, the needs of our customers. The main component of the sustainable development of our company is a quality management system that takes into account the interests of customers, partners, employees, as well as long-term environment conservation programs, their development and implementation.

Prachtig always means new ideas, innovative technology, innovative thinking. We have been always driven by the desire to rise above the ordinary, let the art of creating architectural solutions become a part of our lives.