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At the heart of any new initiatives there is an idea. Frequently the idea does not yet have a specific form of expression and is a very abstract concept with no concrete plan of its realization.

The first step towards the realization of the idea into a real product is a project. It is the result of a complex of works united by the concept of planning. Contrary to popular opinion the planning concept goes far beyond sketches and drawings. A well-developed project is the result of the joint work of the designers, technologists, specialists in procurement of raw materials, and in some cases, lawyers and environmentalists. Such a large list of participants is required in order to achieve the main goal of the planning, which is the possibility of project implementation into the final product developed based on the technical documentation.

The possibility of project realization into a real product is determined by many factors, the main of which include the availability of materials, the technical capabilities of the existing equipment, the required qualification of experts, the absence of the contradictions with legislative and environmental standards, as well as the consistency with the deadlines and budget.

Mistakes made at any of the planning stages can significantly increase the time and costs of its realization into the product, which will significantly impact on the reducing the idea’s cost-effectiveness at its basis. Prachtig Construction has many years of experience in the planning and implementing projects into the actual product. The results of our work are reflected in the wide range of our own products as well as the products of many of our partners and customers. Choosing the right company for the project development is one of the main criteria for the further success of any ideas. Selecting Prachtig Construction is the first step to success.