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From the idea to the project, from the project to the design, that is how the perspective ideas come into life in form of ready product. The design is the third and the final stage of idea implementation before the quantity and mass production.

One cannot underestimate the design as an integral element of the implementation of the initial idea, at this stage the final checkout of the project documentation happens and the implementation of the designed product into the material occurs. Even the most detailed and thoughtful design may change. The reason for this is not the designer's fault, but the technical difficulties and limitations, which cannot be measured at planning stage.

At the stage of design the technological process of the production of individual elements of the final product is debugged, the structure weaknesses and risks are assessed that should to be prevented. The debugging process of the assembling and installation of the finished product, inspection of its conformity with the requirements and specifications is of equal importance.

Properly performed work at the planning stage helps to avoid the additional costs at the stage of quantity and mass production as it precludes the possible risks in advance. A quality product is not only the appearance and reliability, but also the compliance with the stated requirements and standards.

Prachtig Construction is responsible for the high quality of each design, which runs through our design department.