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Is There a wall with no corners? Sometimes if the floor without joints? Is There a building without a floor level difference in height between the rooms? Yes, there are, but extremely rare, for the remaining cases, there are finishing profiles and connecting to remedy any situation. Until recently, the profile in the construction and finishing works played the role of a forced element, which is necessary, but it does not carry any decorative load, but lately the situation has started to change. Familiar profile materials such as colored plastic and aluminum are gradually fading away, making room for more modern and technologically advanced products in stainless steel, with a significant advantage in terms of both design and performance.

High wear resistance and durability of stainless steel, its strength and ability to resist moisture, do finishing profiles and Prachtig Construction systems made from it ideal for virtually any tasks. The most common stainless steel profiles are used for joining floor coverings with difference and no height difference, decorative and anti-vandal finish outer and inner corners of walls and columns, as mortgage guide profiles for tiles and finishing stages angles, lined with tiles, as well as for framing decorative designs on the floor, walls or ceilings, and more.

Becoming an independent decorative element, stainless steel profile Prachtig Construction has opened new opportunities for the decoration of public buildings and facilities, while maintaining its technological applications. The interior design can be small things, because any savings instantly able to reduce the company's image. Stylish and durable finishing profiles – it is only Prachtig Construction.