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Safety is not just a word; it is the responsibility of the employer towards the employees, the building owner towards the visitors for their lives, health and wellbeing.

Safety is a key concept in the design, construction and operation of the buildings and structures, as well as a basic requirement when establishing the businesses from manufacturing to retail and services, as well as other places of mass visiting. In addition to the prevention of accidents, one of the key actions for the providing the safety is the timely and fast evacuation of people from the danger zone; for this the evacuation stairs are used. Unlike the traditional outdoor and indoor staircases the evacuation stairs should comply with the strict requirements of regulatory enactments of fire inspection, otherwise the commissioning of the building or the enterprise will not be possible due to lack of permission from the supervisory authorities.

Prachtig Construction provides engineering, manufacturing and installation of evacuation stairs of any complexity in full compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents. Our experience includes dozens of commissioned buildings and companies that have passed the state examination. Prachtig Construction evacuation stairs are a guarantee of quality and safety.